Michael Sevell

Head of Investment Commitee

Non-Executive Director

Michael has spent his career in all facets of business startups including retail management, custom home design and construction as well as having spent many lucrative years in the automotive repair service industry. Michael now spends his time as an early stage investor in companies such as Hammer, where as a Board Member, he takes a “hands on approach” in entrepreneurial guidance of the executive management team in both the principals of successful business methodology and the appropriate practice of corporate governance procedures. At age 25, Michael oversaw the startup and daily operation of Westfield Building Products Co. Inc, a retail building material supplier which, under his direction, soon became a multimillion dollar family business. In 1990, following his documented success and the vast knowledge he gained in retail operations, Michael began guiding fledgling small retailers in developing their businesses, teaching pricing strategies, inventory control methods and marketing techniques. In 1995, Michael founded Fieldstone Properties, a design and construction provider of high-end custom built homes which went on to become another of Michael’s string of successful business ventures.
In 2004, Michael took over as CEO of Sevell's Auto Body Company Inc, a family business and one of the largest auto repair facilities in the State of New Jersey founded by his father and where as a young man, Michael learnt the principals of sound business practices and good corporate governance. In 2006 and now firmly established as a serial entrepreneur, Michael formed MGD Sevell Services, Inc. to oversee the operation and continued success of all the group business interests. Michael is not only a highly valued member of the Board of Hammer Fiber but has also personally invested the majority of the seed capital in the company and is Head of the Hammer Fiber Investment Committee.