Hammer CEO Mark Stogdill featured in Business World Wide

In a recent article entitled Hammer Fiber attack the digital divide, Hammer Fiber CEO, Mark Stogdill shares his thoughts on today’s rapidly evolving technological world, and how Hammer Fiber seeks to bridge the digital divide, providing diversity and competition across the telecommunication sector. 

An Excerpt from the Article:

How does Hammer Fiber operate? What makes it different and how has it been successful in achieving its aims?

We believe Hammer Wireless, our unique wireless system, gives us a competitive edge and really enables us to stand out from the crowd. Put simply, replacing the last mile of access network with wireless technology is a far more cost-effective means of providing a service directly to the consumer. Instead of using old copper lines or incurring the costs associated with building fiber to the home, our system revolves around a wireless base station which can push high speed broadband to a large number of consumers per site.

A further, and we believe, major factor which differentiates us is that consumer demand for bandwidth is always recognised and satisfied. We ensure that the consumer has sufficient bandwidth to run as many devices and applications as required and we instantly respond to new IP requests. The service does not slow down during peak usage hours as we are continually pushing very large amounts of bandwidth while being careful not to oversubscribe the infrastructure. This gives a consistent, smooth and seamless experience which we believe not only addresses the issue of diversity and competition within the market but also resolves the typical operational issues generally faced by both Internet providers and consumers.